Based in Mt Maunganui

Our Journey

Let us help create your Home Story 
When in Rome they say....  Well, when we were in Bali we found some amazing  families who create some truly beautiful home décor.   All my products are ethically sourced and made by these families.  Knowing who makes my products is important to me. They are all hand crafted so are perfectly imperfect which I love.  My products are made in happy homes, by happy people. 
We are a family run business.  This is the crew, along with a lot of other outside support. I managed to find my creativity and a niche in the market for all these beautiful products. 
We stock a range of rustic tribal and coastal home décor and gift ware.  All uniquely natural, raw fiber, shell, feathers, wood and stone. All perfectly imperfect as they are all hand crafted. Our biggest sellers are our Juju's and our Reed Products. 
I try to keep our range new and fresh. I don't order in bulk.  Together we modify and come up with limited new products as often as possible  We are super excited and love our new products. 
We are based in Mt Maunganui and are a regular at the Little Big Markets.
We don't have a store.  Only markets and online.  You are invited to my workshop, by appointment.  
Thank you for checking us out and being a part of our journey.